My journey began in 2006 when I sold nearly all that I had accumulated over the years and took off exploring this misshapen sphere. I have hitchhiked, wandered, motorcycled, biked, and boated through India, Mexico, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nepal, Thailand, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Fiji, Costa Rica, and New Zealand so far. I write, read, explore, perform random acts of kindness, and enjoy the beautiful serendipity of life.

I have spent the rest of the time guiding, biking, reading, ski patrolling, fighting wild fires, performing demolition work, and building renewable energy systems.

There are posts from all of these journeys on here, apart from my hitchhiking trip through Mexico and Central America as I am editing a book about this period.

I am currently in Utah.

Contact me: alex at

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  1. Alex! It’s Lacie, the funny one, from rafting in June. True story, my best friend is going to Mauritious this week. Curious to know if you have any recommendations or thoughts? She’s there on business. Is your girlfriend still there? Does she have any recommendations for things to check out? Hope you’re well!

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